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Electra as Mother-force

I believe in Electra (finite light) as mother-force of everything there is, so including Life and Intelligence, Electra that inside the atom plays between proton and electron, Electra that also makes and forms proton and electron.
I bit like the working screwing defines the forms of both the screw-bolt and the fitting nut.

I then see Electra as a smallest circling, with then seen from that circle a difference between inner-space, inside the circle, and outer-space, with therefore also inner-directions versus outer-directions.

I see the proton then as an inside-directed force-field. From the outside, the proton behaves as a rounded off particle, inside however the proton is only force-field, directed to the deepest zero.

Then I also can understand both nuclear forces.
Because at very high pressure and temperature, both protons of 2 Hydrogen atoms could near each other so closely, that both inner force-fields melt together as 1 double strong force-field.
Atoms with 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 20 et cetera protons in the nucleus then also could be possible.
But there also is a kind of maximum then, because atoms with more than circa 95 protons in the nucleus obviously can not exist.
And even with more than 80 protons in the nucleus, there are problems then, instability.
Such kind of - radioactive - atoms can not durably hold together all protons.
And now and then, a proton escapes, so that the character of the atom changes.

I see the electron then as the 'exact' opposite of the proton. Like the proton is an inner force-field, with outer surface. In the same way there is an outer force-field (the field of light) with inner surface (a bit like an air-bubble in water).
So I see electrons and the field of light as one, like the source of a river and the river are one. In the cosmos, rivers of light constantly wave between the electrons.

And if particles like electrons only are superficial appearances of force-fields, then quantum-jumps and tunnel-effects of these particles are imaginable, as sudden new appearances.


And between proton and electron, Electra is playing, in a kind of nowhere-land, not inside, not outside, but splitting and separating, and therefore creating.

So Electra is a gap between inside-past and outside-future, 1 gap with 2 opposite sides, resulting in positive versus negative charge.
Electra is the here and now, the present. And that, the present, is where everything is happening, Life as well (as harmony in fitting forms) and Intelligence (as having an eye for fitting of forms).

That is how I try to understand electromagnetism and the two nuclear forces in a coherent way.

Jan PM Helderman, Alkmaar

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