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Relational View in 23 theses

  1. Reality is form-working-form trinities (proton-electra-electron in the end).
  2. Every working is a fitting of forms (like screwing between bolt and nut).
  3. The working of reality is a physical fact.
  4. Forms are material, working is immaterial.
  5. There are immaterial physical facts: the working, the fitting.
  6. Other animals only see the (separated) forms.
  7. We also see the working, in fitting of forms.
  8. We then call it understanding.
  9. When we speak of spirit, we mean the working.
  10. Spirit is a physical fact: the working.
  11. The working (like screwing) defines the forms (of bolt and nut).
  12. Immaterial spirit defines the material forms; light forms particles.
  13. Our mind is a sense-organ, for fitting of forms.
  14. Our spirit is a sense-organ for spirit; there is no body-sense problem.
  15. When forms fit well, we speak of quality.
  16. When forms fit well, we speak of truth.
  17. When forms fit well, we enjoy; our mind is our joy-toy.
  18. The better it fits (a shoe, society), the more truly it is.
  19. Quality (nice fitting) is part of the scientific truth.
  20. With our mind we see a coat in a fur.
  21. Being naked is handy when you have a mind, to see a coat.
  22. The human is the only free being on earth, free from (fur), free to (clothe).
  23. The human is very natural, biological, sensual.
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Many people long for more spirituality in our societies.
But science then demands spirit to be defined, as fact.
That is why there is the Relational View of Fabc.

Jan Helderman

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